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Features you'll love

Chat with friends in any language

Anyone can join Chat In Twos and chat in the language they prefer.

If you have a friend who also wants to practice ...great! They can chose the language they also want to learn.

If you want to chat with someone who doesn;t want to learn, that's ok too! They just pick their own language and you can still practice.

Instant Translations

Any message can instantly be translated to help you as you train and learn.

You can type messages in your own language or in the language you want to practice!

Chat with a friendly bot Alicia!

In any case, you can also simply chat with Alicia the friendly bot!

Getting started

Follow the easy steps below!

  • 1
    Download the app and create an account

    The first thing you should do is download the app. You can even use the app directly on your desktop or mobile browser.

  • 2
    Find friends and chat in any language

    Invite friends to try the app and start a chat thread with them. Pick the language that you want to learn.
    Each one of you can pick a different language to learn. Every message received will be in that language.

  • 3
    Chat with Alicia the friendly bot

    To get started, you can even start a chat with Alicia the bot! She is very friendly and tells some killer jokes!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app free?

Yes! Chat In Twos is currently free :)

Which languages do you support?

Currently we support 2-way translations between english, french, spanish, portuguese, german, korean, japanese, chinese, turkish, russian and ukranian

When do you plan to support for languages?

We are constantly evaluating which new language to add. If you have suggestions please contact us

How do you deal with privacy and security?

All messages are encrypted in transit using HTTPS. Data is also encrypted at rest. Note that we do not support "secret chats" like Telegram.



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